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Q:  What does the registration fee go towards?

The registration fee covers all league expenses.  This league is a non-profit organization and all volunteers are not paid.  100% of the registration fee goes towards covering league expenses. 

Q:  Can non-residents register for this league?

No, only North Haven resident that meet the grade requirements can register.

Q:  What is the deadline to register my child?

By 9/30 of the current  year.  After that, a $20.00 late registration fee will be added to the charge and your child will be placed on a waiting list.  Being placed on the waiting list does not guarantee that your child will be eventually placed on a team as there may be limits in place for each division (at the discretion of the Board).  If they are not placed on a team, you will be refunded your money.

*****Fees MUST be paid PRIOR to team selection (draft) or the child will go on the waiting list which again, does not guarantee that they will be eventually placed on a team.




Q: How are teams chosen?

Rec teams:

We strive to have balanced teams each year.  Instead of having teams carry over from year to year, we re-draft teams each year.  On draft night, head coaches will have the information that you registered your child with (height, years of experience in rec/travel, etc.) to assist in their selections.  Only Head Coaches attend the draft.  It is recommended that coaches draft from the highest skill level down so there is parity amongst the teams.

Travel team:

Travel teams are chosen based on past years performance and the try-out for that team.  At no time is a spot guaranteed if they played on the prior year travel team.  Each year, the travel team will hold tryouts and the team will be chosen shortly after the tryout.

Q: Can I request a specific rec coach/team?

No, due to the large number of participants and our commitment to balanced In-Town teams, we are not able to accommodate such requests. 

Q: Can I request that my child be placed on a rec team with a specific friend?

No.  Due to the large number of participants and league rules, we are not able to accommodate requests for specific teammates.  Before registering, please discuss this topic with your child to set their expectations for the upcoming year Siblings of the same sex in the same division will be placed on the same team.  We encourage parents to reinforce with their children the value of making new friends and meeting children from other schools. 

Q: When will I be notified about which rec team my child is on?

The coaches will notify the parents by the end of October.

Q: When will I be notified about whether or not my child made the travel team for which they tried out?

Shortly after the tryouts, the parents will be notified via email.




Q: How often will my child’s team practice?

Each rec team and travel team is slated for 1 practice, once per week as gym time is limited.  Practices can be cancelled due to gym availability (i.e., schools/gyms closed for voting, holidays, etc.) and weather conditions.  These practices will not be rescheduled due to limited availability of gyms.


Q: Why do you ask for one night for which your child cannot participate in practices?

It is not possible with the size of the league to prepare team rosters around the families of 600+ children.  We recognize that certain obligations are priorities for families; therefore, we ask for the one night that this priority takes place.  We make every attempt to try to schedule your child’s practice night around this request.




Q: When are games played?


Rec games are played in Saturday.  There may be unforeseen circumstances for which some games can be re-scheduled on a different day; however, the majority of the games are on Saturdays.


Travel games are scheduled for Sundays with the exception of tournaments.


Q: How much time will my child play?

The coaches must follow the league rotation sheet which switches players every 5 minutes.


Conduct/Disciplinary Action


Q:  Why do I have to acknowledge a parent code of conduct?

The NHYB league is run for the benefit of the children to develop their skills and to learn the game of basketball while having fun.  Although games are competitive, winning at any cost is not the purpose.  Parent behavior needs to support the mission of the league which is why the code of conduct must be acknowledged in order to register.  Only one parent needs to acknowledge the code of conduct; it will represent the entire family’s interests (parents, grandparents, cousins, etc.).  At no time will berating a referee/player/coach/other parent be tolerated.  Misconduct can result in you being asked to leave the gym.  Appropriate action will be taken by the board for future participation.  


Any coach or player who receives a technical foul will be given a warning by the Board. 

Any subsequent technical foul can result in a game suspension.

Any coach or player ejected from a game automatically receives a 1 game suspension.




Q: Is there a need for coaches? 

Yes.  If you have any interest, please consider volunteering.  Even if your schedule doesn't permit volunteering as a head coach, please consider volunteering as an assistant.  This is a great way to help out while spending time with your child. 


Q: I'm interested in coaching, how do I volunteer to be considered for coaching?


When you are registering your child, there is a question that asks if you are interested in being a head coach or assistant coach. Shortly after the registration process is complete, the coaches will be chosen.


Travel coaches for the upcoming year are selected by the board members in advance of the season starting.

Q: If I coached last year, does that guarantee me a coaching spot this year?  How do you select coaches?

No, we select coaches based on previous year’s experiences, commitment to the NHYB league philosophy/rules, etc.  Coaching privileges are at the discretion of the board members.


Q: If I volunteer to coach, can I specify my assistant coach?

A:  No.  Due to the need to balance teams and some past issues, the league does not permit this.  Only Head Coaches attend the draft and it is without an assigned Assistant Coach.  An effort is made after the draft to identify an assistant coach for each team.  If you have any interest in volunteering as an assistant coach, please indicate your interest at the time of registering your child.

Q: Can I choose how much time a player plays?

No, The coaches must fill out and follow the league rotation sheet for the number of players in the game which switches players every 5 minutes.